Research Interests

Description: These research interests emerged from a thorough survey of the 314 currently operating museums in Alberta. They represent the most common types of museums, while also highlighting unusual or interesting ones. Most historic sites and museums, including small town and rural museums, nevertheless fit into multiple categories. We have focused on one primary classification for each museum on the pages of this website and visitors can consult the map to cross-reference museum content.
Unique Museums (includes unusual and one-of-a-kind museums that push boundaries) such as the Gopher Hole Museum, Donalda Lamp Museum, the National Music Centre, and YouthLink
Heritage Museums (includes pioneer and agricultural museums) such as Caroline Wheels of Time, Fort Saskatchewan Museum and Historic Site, Etzikom Museum, and the Grain Academy and Museum
Museumified Towns (includes efforts to produce and promote heritage by means of museum building and/or museumifying an entire town) such as Big Valley, Nanton,
and Vulcan
Aboriginal and Métis Museums (includes museums that primarily feature Indigenous cultures) such as the Fort Chipewyan Bicentennial Museum, Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park, and the Native Cultural Arts Museum
Natural Resource Museums (includes water, oil, mining, and forestry museums) such as the Atlas Coal Mine, MedAlta, Brooks Aqueduct National and Provincial Historic Site, and Alberta Forest Service Museum
Transportation Museums (includes train, street car, automobile, truck, and aviation museums) such as the Remington Carriage Museum, Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame, and Alberta Railway Museum
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