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Museum Networks:

Alberta Museums Association (AMA)
The AMA offers an accreditation program for museums, as well as training seminars and an annual conference. It has about 120 member museums.
Central Alberta Regional Museum Network (CARMN)
This regional network is very well organized with over 40 members, and is a model for many other smaller networks. They have become increasingly active on social media in promoting their member museums and events.
Spirit of the Peace
With about two dozen members, it is often the sole representation for many of these northern museums with a very well-designed website. Spirit of the Peace covers a region overlapping the BC/Alberta border.
Edmonton Heritage Network
Operated by the Edmonton Heritage Council, this small but exemplary regional network has an excellent and informative website with a broader heritage focus.

Heritage Projects

Alberta Source
Alberta Source is home to the Alberta Online Encyclopaedia, a searchable web portal with over 80 individual websites on museums, heritage, archives, and research projects.
Vanishing Sentinels
Vanishing Sentinels is an ongoing private project on the history and fate of grain elevators across the Canadian prairies, with data collected on over 1700 elevators in Alberta alone.
The Tale of a Town
This is a nationwide program focused on main street stories, linked to heritagization and theatre. Outcomes include a podcast and site-specific performance installations.
Virtual Museum of Canada
The largest digital source of stories and experiences shared by Canada's museums and heritage organizations. The Virtual Museum of Canada (VMC) Investment Programs support the efforts of institutions to create engaging online content through strategic funding. The Canadian Museum of History (CMH) operates two investment programs that enable applicant organizations to develop content for the VMC. This content includes virtual exhibits, virtual tours, interactive resources and educational resources in both English and French.


Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI) Notes
CCI Notes deal with topics of interest to those who care for cultural objects. Intended for a broad audience, the Notes offer practical advice about issues and questions related to the care, handling and storage of cultural objects.
Collective Access
Collective Access is a free, open source application designed for museum collections management. It is an excellent alternative to expensive commercial applications.