Legislative Assembly Visitor Centre (Edmonton)
This project will produce two main outcomes:
1. This website 
It is designed to introduce visitors to the diverse and innovative museums in Alberta, encouraging them to explore selected museums further, either in person or in digital, visual, and written accounts;
2. A scholarly monograph (in progress) written by researchers Misa Nikolic and Lianne McTavish.
This book will feature more in-depth critical analyses of contemporary museum issues in five case study chapters inspired by our research on the small town and rural museums of Alberta. Among other things, these chapters will i) consider how selected museums represent and challenge understandings of the “rural” by making arguments about nature and place, ii) study the depiction of natural resources in corporate and industrial museums, with an emphasis on water and the Brooks Aqueduct National and Provincial Historic Site, iii) analyse the interpretive possibilities offered by museums that feature Aboriginal cultures, iv) explore the heritagization or museumification of entire towns, highlighting Vulcan (Star Trek) and Nanton (nostalgia for an agricultural and ranching past), and v) examine the role of interactivity in the exhibition design of selected museums as they work within the constraints of available resources. This book will provide a critical and thorough account of many of the lesser known museums in Alberta, expanding knowledge of the resources in that province, but, perhaps more importantly, offering thematically-based case studies ripe for comparison with the smaller museums located in other provinces and countries.